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Photographer Serg Vostrikov

Antigravitation No freedom The Prophecy Attack of The Clowns
No freedom
The Prophecy
Attack of The Clowns


Many photographers search for the beauty. Some of them look for it in the landscapes, many authors capture "flowers" or something like that, but I prefer to take pictures of people and, moreover, the main beauty that touches me is the woman's beauty.

That's why the most photos you will find here are art-nude or glamour. I love to create the alternative reality in the photography and sometimes I use special effects during the capturing or complicated photo-manipulations after. This is very funny to watch people who are trying to decide if a photography is a collage or not, because in my gallery you will see some photos which look like collages and collages, which look like photographes. For me actually there is no any difference, because the most important thing is an impression and not a technical way of making this impression. Just have a fun!


Besides my own projects I also make the images for commercial use and advertisement. If you need fresh creative ideas contact me and I'll be happy to help.


You can contact me by phone: +7 (927) 1264440, ICQ: 154520939 (I'm almost permanently available in ICQ, but I'm always in Invisible status, so just "knock at" and I'll answer), and by e-mail through online e-mail form

24.05.2011 - Exhibition of PhotoOTDEL

Visit the exhibition of PhotoOTDEL (Roman Bolshakov, Eldar Abdurashitov and me) at Art-house of Saratov during 8-22 June, 2011.

22.05.2011 - Aquaolympic Games has taken the first place

"Aquaolympic Games" has taken the 1st place in the category ART during the biggest exhibition in Saratov "Valuable delight" at Triumphmoll.

02.09.2010 - An exhibition of PhotoOTDEL

PhotoOTDEL invites you on the exhibition 15-17 September, 2010, in the Kashtan gallery.

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